Softbank Invests in the Content Creator Economy

Softbank Invests In The Content Creator Economy | IKONTUBE Blog

Influencers are now more famous than celebrities themselves. And what confirms that is that now companies like Softbank want to invest more in the economy of content creators.

Softbank announced that it will make a series C investment in creator management group JellysmackAs a result, Jellysmack is now worth at least a billion or so dollars.

The amount invested was not made public, but this company was previously able to raise $40 million. So, the C series could cost between $50 and $100 million.

Apparently, they use AI-powered technology to identify the creators of social media content. And also drive growth by optimizing video performance by discovering new audiences and establishing new revenue streams on different platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. As a consequence: around 10 billion video views per month. Reaching approximately 125 million people.

People now spend more time in front of their phones. What this means is that the morning stars are more on the small screens than the big ones. To this day, 200 creators have signed contracts with Jellysmack.

By signing a contract, a creator with a million subscribers could earn around $10,000 a month. While they take a percentage.

Some of the influencers who have partnered with them are MrBeast, Charles & Alyssa Forever, PewDiePie, Brad Mondo, Derek Deso, and Karina Garcia.

SoftBank has bet on this because content creators are the new future of entertainment and their talent is now the most influential in the world.

Source: Forbes | Photo Credit: Jellysmack

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