A New Application Created to Help Creators

A New Application Created to Help Creators | IKONTUBE Blog

Lindsey Lee Lugrin is a professional model and social media creator who appeared in a Marc Jacobs campaign. Where she received the amount of $1,000.

Of course, Lugrin was fascinated by this. But after seeing her face on internet advertisements, or billboards, she realized that the amount she received was not fair.

Lugrin shared her experience with other influencers who have also created social media advertising for other brands and who in return get unfair pay.

She noticed several uneven salaries, where male creators have earned more than female creators.

In an analysis conducted last year by an influencer marketing platform called Klear, male influencers were found to earn roughly $476 for a single post. While women earn approximately $ 348.

Lugrin decided to change that. So in June, she and Isha Mehra (former data scientist at Facebook), developed an app with a slightly controversial name.

FUC#%! YOU Pay Me is an app where influencers can leave comments, suggestions or reviews on the brands they have collaborated with. The main objective is that influencers receive a more equal amount. Advertising rates and information are shared within the app that is crucial to negotiating sponsored content deals.

“I didn’t want there to be any doubt from the creator side of things who this is for she said.  “The name is an ode to the frustration I experienced myself many times over as a creator.”

FYPM is located in Santa Monica, CA. It is one of several companies that provide transparent information regarding salary for influencers. In addition to FPM, other marketing platforms have joined the cause. Such as Collabstr.

On the other hand, online communities have emerged where female influencers from Ireland or Great Britain share their stories and offer support to each other. They have even started selling courses on how to negotiate better rates.

One of the problems is that most content creators operate without an agent. There is no exact amount as a standard payment for creating a publication for a brand. And deals are generally negotiated through messages or emails.

Creators are actually usually mini-personal businesses that do the work of a media and marketing agency. All in one. They edit, film, promote, etc. So it can be really exhausting work.

Brands usually have a lot of information about the creators. But it is not the same on the other side. The creators have little information about the brands and of course, what they pay.

Lugrin has gained more than 16,000 followers and has begun to make fairer deals with fashion brands and companies. Born in Houston, Lugrin has a master’s degree in finance from the University of Houston.

Becoming an equity analyst. She has created her personal online under the name @msyoungprofessional, posting humor and memes related to being a woman within the business world.

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