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YouTube Battles TikTok | IKONTUBE Blog

It is known that Neal Mohan, Product Manager at YouTube, went to one of the podcasts on The Verge this week to discuss the steps YouTube is taking to tackle the unstoppable TikTok fever. After its growing avalanche, the Google-owned company wanted to give users a small incentive to use the new “Shorts” tool. Offering them $10,000 a month to upload material to this new platform.

In fact, Shorts is like a kind of TikTok but integrated into YouTube that was launched last year in the month of September. In this new platform, users are allowed to upload short videos, with a maximum duration of 1 minute.

“My responsibility is to help run YouTube. I am responsible for all of our products, everything you use as a viewer, and everything our creators use. I work closely with our partners at Google in terms of solutions for our advertising partners. ” Mohan says.

“My team and I put ourselves in the shoes of today’s creators. That’s where Shorts was born. Unlike 15 years ago, if you were a creator just starting out on YouTube, how would you go about it? And that was the key information about the product or the genes, so to speak, of YouTube Shorts.”

A $100 million fund was created that the same company will use to motivate creators to upload videos on Shorts, and thus be able to compete with TikTok.

Source: The Verge Photo Credit: Vox

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