Dogecoin influencers will host ‘Doge Conference’

Dogecoin influencers will host ‘Doge Conference’ | IKONTUBE Blog

Dogecoin influencers are organizing the “Doge Conference”, with speakers, artists, and the chance to win a Cybertruck of Tesla IncThe Doge conference will be held from March 31 to April 2, in Las Vegas.

Jenny Q Ta, a Wall Street veteran, and a cryptocurrency expert hopes that the Doge conference will bring the crypto community together.

“Within the cryptocurrency space, Doge is known for having the most helpful and inclusive community, a community we fondly call theFamily Doge” or theArmy Doge. “ Mention Q Ta.

“Other cryptocurrency communities tend to be more exclusive, but the unifying goal of the doge conference is to unite all cryptocurrency communities. Putting aside our differences and recognizing that we are all together in this blockchain universe ”

The movement and success of the “meme coin” gave Dogecoin investors and influencers enthusiasm as they gained a huge following on social media. Among them are Kenneth Moran and Aaron Bowley.

“Our hope is to set an example for other cryptocurrency communities to follow. As many diverse cryptocurrency enthusiasts join and find acceptance at our conference, we hope they will bring the same unifying message and mindset to their respective communities. In this way, we will make the cryptocurrency space a more friendly, receptive, and cooperative place ”

Dogecoin is in full power. In fact, it is known that Dogepalooza will be held in October of this year.

Source: Oicanadian| Photo Credit: LA Times

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