Twitter lets users create paid Spaces

Twitter let users to create paid Spaces | IKONTUBE Blog

Yes, Twitter has created a new function for paid Spaces (Ticketed Spaces), where content creators can charge for access to their content.

Ticketed spaces were unveiled last May as a new monetization tool. Where the creators can receive up to 80% of the proceeds from the payments of the followers.

Since last Thursday, Twitter announced that some users will already be able to create new paid content for the first time. But for now, they will only be available on the iOS version of Twitter and for a certain limited number of people.

Spaces were announced in December 2020 and launched as a beta a month later for select individuals to test. Like Clubhouse, Twitter’s audio-based Spaces will allow a user to gather with another person or a group of users for live conversations. You’ll see them appear while they’re happening. Once they’ve ended, they will no longer be available publicly on Twitter.

Let’s hope that the company will have it available very soon and within the reach of all users.

Source: The Observatorial| Photo Credit: Twitter

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