TikTok Partners With Creators To Boost Its Platform

TikTok Partners With Creators To Boost Its Platform | IKONTUBE Blog

TikTok does not want to be defeated. And it is coming up with a new strategy again, as it has partnered with a new company called Influential to search for new content creators.

TikTok has taken other important platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram by surprise, since its launch in 2016 it has not stopped growing until it has become the most used social media platform.

The idea of this new alliance is that TikTok wants more and more people to create content on its platform. For several months now, we see that TikTok grows as an eCommerce platform, more than a simple social medium for short videos.

On the other hand, the market for influencers has grown considerably as well, now becoming one of the most effective strategies for brands seeking to gain a larger audience.

As brands are moving towards short-form video content more than ever, Influential is providing data, technology, knowledge, and access to the talent of all sizes for the brand’s clients. TikTok is clearly the platform most sought after by brands.

So, this could be a new opportunity for content creators to be better known and gain more followers on the platform.

Source: AdAge| Photo Credit: LATImes

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