The Event Awaited By Content Creators

The Event Awaited By Content Creators | IKONTUBE Blog

At the event that will take place on September 28 to 30 of this year, some of the most famous influencers, video creators and, brands will share their knowledge about how to turn your videos into sales. 

More than 60 speakers with a high level of knowledge on the subject will attend. The great event organized by VidSummit LLC, where you can learn about audience growth, brand creations, or how to earn being influencers, all for you in one room. 

VidSummit gives you the opportunity to become an expert in the industry. Influencers will share the truth about what they do, something we never see online. Here you will learn how to get followers quickly, create your own brand if you wish, and earn up to millions with your content. 

The event will take place on September 28 to 30 in Los Angeles. Or if you prefer, you can also attend virtually at a cost of $199 or in person for $997. 

You will meet speakers like Daniel Batal, Kristina Smallhorn, Brenda Blanco, Sima Gandhi, Nick Nimmin, Liron Segev, Brian G Johnson, Josh Richards, Luria Petrucci, Kristin Wilson, Tim Schmoyer, and many more! 

Source: VidSummit| Photo Credit: VidSummit

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