Why Influencers Are The Best Option For Travel Marketing

Why Influencers Are The Best Option For Travel Marketing | IKONTUBE Blog

One way to enjoy different cities, towns, seas, and landscapes is through influencers.

When the COVID-19 health crisis began, audience behavior has changed dramatically. The consumption of online videos went from 1 hour to 4 hours a day in 2020. This change has stagnated here. Due to a survey, we can know that the viewer plans to continue consuming this type of visualization in the future.

Travel agencies and brands have this new “tool” that they can take advantage of it effectively and powerfully. Almost like a second chance to make a good impression. Video is a strong medium to reach more audiences.

63% of consumers today interact with the content of travel influencers, more than before the pandemic. 2 out of 3 prefer paid content from creators over traditional advertising.

A good marketing strategy, including successful influencers, makes your product reach more highly engaged audiences. An increase in profits has been observed in different brands and retailers, whose advertising campaigns used influencer marketing. What is expected is that the same approach will become standard in travel advertising in the coming years.

Travel marketing is at its rightful moment of “rebirth” The consumer has changed during these difficult times that we have been through since 2019. Embracing digital video and using influencer marketing ensures that a brand can communicate with travelers effectively and adds a new positive vibe to its value proposition.

Source: ADWEEK

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