An Influencer Who Gained Over $700K in 6 Months

An Influencer Who Gained Over $700K in 6 Months | IKONTUBE Blog

An Instagram influencer named JaLisa Vaughn-Jefferson has achieved her success thanks to endorsement deals and working with more than 100 companies so far this year.

When JaLisa started, it was in 2016 and she was only able to collect $50. She had more or less 50,000 followers at that time.

“People will probably almost throw up hearing that now,” says JaLisa. “Back then, no one was willing to talk or share what they charged. So we really all were just making it up.”

“It wasn’t until maybe a year or two ago, people were open with saying if wer’e all going to make it in this industry, especially black women, we’re going to have to help each other because we need to be able to say no. We know that you’re paying our white counterparts this. We will not be skimmed on the other end. A lot of us may be scared to charge what we actually think we’re worth, and sometimes we just don’t know.”

It wasn’t until JaLisa enlisted a group of experts to help her with her content that her success skyrocketed.

“They were editing a vlog for me and they heard me in the background saying -I don’t know what to charge this brand. Can somebody help me with this? “

The cool thing was that the video editor who was now part of the JaLisa team was also knowledgeable in influencer marketing, so he was able to guide JaLisa on how she should charge her posts.

“Unlike a lot of influencers, I want to hire a team so that I can move faster. I didn‘t want to spend all my time trying to sit down and learn every trade of this business. And I really believe that’s kind of what helped me move a lot quicker. I was always open to having a team”.

JaLisa has served as inspiration for many. And brands like Weight Watchers, Reebok, and others, have put their eye on it.

Source: Entrepreneur

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