Brands new strategy is live shopping & they need influencers

Brands new strategy is live shopping & they need influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

Since 2019, live shopping has been a trend and has been on the rise. Although in China, this method has been implemented for some time. In North America, it is something new. 

Influencers are now the main players of this strategy as they use their fame to sell more products such as perfumes, makeup, etc., and increase sales by millions for companies. 

The renowned brand Urban Decay has given a deeper meaning to the phrase “see now. buy now” through its first live shopping attempt in October 2019 in the North American market.

Earlier this year, Knix was the first intimates brand to launch with Livescale, using live shopping in its exciting swimwear launch. Hosted by influencer Sarah Nicole Landry, real Knix customers, and Knix founder Joanna Griffiths.

While “live shopping” has been in focus for all online marketers, one of the doubts that have arisen everywhere is who should be the face of live shopping events?  

As director of marketing and communications at a live-shopping startup in North America, I’ve watched the continent’s adopters soar to success — or learn big lessons.

In the end, The main point is that brands should let there be an authentic connection between the host and the audience more than anything else.

Source: TechCrunch

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