Meet The Richest & Most Adorable Influencers

Meet The Richest & Most Adorable Influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

With scenes of eating, drinking, or doing fun things, these baby influencers have won the hearts of many viewers. But not only do they give us funny photos, these babies are also accompanied by tips for parents.

We have seen influencers promoting trips, and in this case, parents have chosen to create accounts just for their children and document trips and journeys.

Today, many consider being an influencer a real job. And many earn enough in just one day. Let’s see who are these adorable little babies who, since they were little, have a guaranteed job.

Noah Tavares

 You can find it as @euamonono. Since he was little, he has been present on social media, so Instagram is like his second home. It already has just over 1M followers and is a huge success. This baby earns like €3.444 per post.

Marleigh Scholarship

Beca is known as @theyeetbaby. Between her and her uncle, they have brought us many smiles creating videos of chaos and mischief. This baby is leading the way with Noah, earning the same by post.

Halston Blake Fisher

This 2-year-old baby is sweet but naughty. @halston.blake already has more than 600K followers on his instagram account. Blake has 600K followers and earns €2,191 per post.

Drew Hazel

This baby has one of the most captivating smiles on the internet. No wonder he already has half a million followers. @drewhazeleast could earn €1,831 per post.

Flavia Louise

This baby already has more than 500K followers on Instagram. Which meant @flavinhalouise could earn € 85 per post.


Don’t you think we should reconsider our career? The truth is that these babies have already won the hearts of many, and that is reflected in the number of followers they have!

Source: The Sun

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