An Entrepreneur Created A New Platform For Influencers

An entrepreneur created a new platform for influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

It is well known now that influencer marketing is at its biggest hit in recent years. From 2016 to this year 2021, the marketing industry that includes influencers has grown by $12.1 billion. Nothing more or less than 700% in just 5 years. 

But like all good things, it always ends up attracting something bad. Some brands that use influencer marketing offer very little transparency when it comes to “paying”. Well, an influencer with a large number of followers could earn up to $3,000 per post, and another who could have the same number of followers could earn $300. 

Let’s meet Julia Montgomery. Director and founder of Influent, who has set out to promote transparency in terms of compensation and thus create a fairer and more equitable influencer marketing. 

“I loved the process of matching the influencers with the brands that really aligned well with them. I began to realize, however, the longer I did it, the disparities in what influencers were charging ”. Julia says. 

“So that was further magnified when TikTok entered the scene. Because they were so new to the industry and didn’t have the same metrics as Instagram, it was really difficult for brands to know what to offer influencers, and it was difficult for influencers to know that they should be paid. ” 

What Julia did not expect is that sharing tips and advice through her Instagram account, skyrocket her fame and the number of followers. Well, in just a matter of a month it had already reached 100K followers and now it is around 300K which made her a real influencer. 

“If we want to build a fair market for creators, we have to fight for transparency, balance the dynamics of power and make it fair for brands as well as creators” says Julie. Precisely with Influent, she is doing this. 

Source: Forbes

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