Brands Pay Millions to Influencers to Drive Instagram Sales

Brands Pay Millions to Influencers to Drive Instagram Sales | IKONTUBE Blog

Instagram launched a new online shopping method last June that allows users to buy directly in the app. It made it possible for influencers to earn commission on the products sold by the brands they are promoting.

Now brands are betting on smaller markets or those that are very relevant like, influencers who are micro or nano on the Instagram platform. What does micro or nano mean? An influencer who has 100,000 followers or less.

Business Insider stated some earnings figures of influencers, who have engaged in marketing programs, and they are quite surprising. Commissions of up to 20% of the profit are obtained depending on the brand, of course.

For example, most brands pay a commission of 15%. But can vary from 10% to 20%. Elaluz and Kopari Beauty give 20% commission, Zara 8%, Pat McGrath 16%, Massimo Dutti 13%, Old Navy 10%, and many others.

Although many of the brands have declined to comment on commissions, it appears that this new arrangement between brands and influencers has benefited both sides. One influencer reported making up to 5,000 a month last year.

Sponsored content earns content creators the most, according to Business Insider. Influencers set fees for the content that is sponsored and brands are willing to pay someone who generates results in purchases for their brand.

Source: Yahoo Finance  

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