How Does Platforms Disruption Affect Influencers

How Does Platforms Disruption Affect Influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

The interruption that occurred with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has cost the founder of these platforms part of his fortune. Affecting the shares of the company falling 4.9% (47.3 billion dollars).

Matt Zuvella who is vice president of marketing at FamePick says: “The Facebook outage in October is nothing new for creators.”

“In the last 12 months, there have been a number of events (the threat of TikTok removal in the US and OnlyFans removing sexual content are two examples) that have had most creators thinking and acting to diversify their audience ”.

“For most creators, a couple of hours or even a full day of interruption does not affect their business.” Zuvella said. “If they have a branding campaign scheduled for the day of the outage, they’ll just post it the next day or move it to another platform and then post it back to their main platform once it’s back online.”

“The real question for creators is not when to diversify their audience, but how to diversify.”

Diversification is like a guarantee that influencers offer their followers to stay in touch. The audience returns when the platform works again. Social media is a central axis for communication. You don’t want to be absent just because you trust Facebook or Twitter.

“Every follower, every email, every phone number is valuable to a creator,” said Zuvella. “Just like investing in new camera or backdrop for filming, creators need to invest in building their core audience across multiple platforms.”

Source: Forbes

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