Student “Influencers” Are on The Rise

Student “Influencers” Are on The Rise

In the last decades, posters, television advertisements, and other types of advertising were used as marketing and marketing products. 

Currently, influencers are what brands are betting on the most. And it is that the reputation that an influencer earns through the platforms makes most consumers check reviews of any product they want to purchase first. 

Influencers play an important role when it comes to online sales. For example, if your favorite influencer mentions a product, it is more likely that you want to buy it for the simple fact that you like him or her and trust you. 

Students take advantage of the fact that social media is becoming much more accessible to anyone. 

Ariyon Dailey, for example, has been using Instagram since 2012. 

“My first was Instagram,” Dailey says. “So I stayed with the OG. But after that, it was Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and now TikTok.” 

“I always thought I would be one of those people famous for being funny because I like to be silly,” she said. “But once my hair started to draw attention, I got more into it. There are dance tutorials, cooking tutorials, life hacks, and a ton of other content for users.” 

We can come to think that being an influencer is something very fun and simple. But many influencers have assured us that it is actually a real job that requires concentration and time. 

“Balancing school, work, and social media is definitely a challenge because it takes a lot of effort and strategy to tackle all of these things.” 

Source: The Famuan

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