The Metaverse and Influencer Marketing

The Metaverse and Influencer Marketing | IKONTUBE Blog

The metaverse is the way of the future, and even though it’s still in its infancy, it is still something influencers should be aware of NOW. Augmented reality apps and VR headsets have been around for several years now, and the technology is growing every day. Some companies are already using virtual influencers on social media.

The entertainment industry already has a foot in the “metaverse door”. To promote its “In the Heights” film in 2021, Warner Bros. used the Roblox platform to host a virtual block party, inviting people from around the globe to join in.

Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) has already made it possible for people to enjoy virtual concerts right from their couches, where they might catch a glimpse of celebs and influencers showing off the newest fashion trends.

Zuckerburg once described the metaverse as being “like an embodied internet” – a virtual place where we are all immersed. Everyone will get to be part of the experience, rather than just watching it from a screen.

What this means for both the brands and influencers is that those who get in early will be the ones who have the most opportunity to create the trends.

Traditional influencer marketing campaigns work something like this:

  • A company hires an influencer.
  • The influencer incorporates that company’s message into his/her content
  • The company then hopes for enough sales to bring in a greater ROI.

New World of Opportunity

Things will work differently in the metaverse, but “different” doesn’t have to mean “bad”. There will be a whole new (virtual) world of opportunity for everyone.

A sports influencer, for example, could play sports and invite fans to join in right on the field, while wearing the brand’s logo. It will be a fun opportunity for the audience to actually “be” there as close as possible without actually “physically” being there.

Food influencers could invite followers to be there in the kitchen to get a closer look at their sponsors’ ingredients.

Once again, it’s beneficial for current influencers to at least be aware of the changes and possibilities this future technology may bring in the coming years. It’s especially important to understand that the playing field is likely to be evened out in the metaverse, as it will give small influencers opportunities that they might not have had before.

For now, most consumers still prefer that “community” experience that only human influencers can provide. But that could always change in a world such as the metaverse where literally everyone – “real” or not – appears as a virtual avatar anyway.

Source: TOOLBOX | Photo Credit: Fashion Network

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