Meet Top TikTok Mental Health Influencers

Meet Top TikTok Mental Health Influencers - IKONTUBE Blog

One area of social media that started taking off during the pandemic was the creation of therapy-based content. With the world on lockdown, some people had no choice but to look online for their emotional well-being. TikTok mental health influencers began popping up to utilize the platform for therapy-based content.

Learning about Mental Illness and Addiction

Emotional and psychological problems are important issues.  Mental illness comes in many forms and varies in severity, affecting people in different ways. There can be physical consequences as well. When the mind is not well, the body can suffer.

Unfortunately, many people suffer in silence. Some individuals – particularly teens and young adults – have no idea where to begin.

The good news is that there are many resources, commentary, and content widely available from TikTok therapists. All aspects of mental health and wellbeing are covered in depth. The more we can all learn and understand about mental illness, the better. As a result, we will be able to deal with it both on a personal level and a societal level.

Top TikTok Influencers on Mental Health

Who are some of these social media therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors?

Let’s take a look:

Lindsay Fleming – LPC

As a licensed therapist, Lindsay Fleming creates content focusing on subjects like ADHD, anxiety disorders, and depression. On TikTok alone, she has a community of over 500,000 followers, and even opens up about her own struggles.

In addition to being a content creator, Lindsay is also a keynote speaker, author, and private practice owner. Much of her popularity is owed to her ability to be an “authentic and engaging storyteller”.

Evan the Counselor

One area of mental illness that should NEVER be looked down upon is addiction. Those struggling with addiction, or have loved ones that are, need to know that help is available.

Whether it’s alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling problems, etc…, Evan the Counselor is a top mental health educator on social media. He has a presence on other social media platforms as well. The content explores signs of addiction, trauma therapy VS regular therapy, and lets those struggling know that help is available.

Dr. Julie Smith – Psychologist

In Dr. Smith’s TikToks she does a good job of breaking down the symptoms of mental disorders. She explains things in a way that anyone can understand. For instance, not everyone is aware that anxiety attacks and panic attacks are NOT the same. Dr. Julie Smith goes over the differences in some of her educational videos.  There are also videos about recognizing hidden signs of certain conditions or even relationships that viewers should be aware of.

Shani Tran – LPC Counselor

LPCC Shani T. offers a more culturally inclusive mental health approach. She explains that mainstream psychology “comes from westernized thinking”. These types of resources aren’t the best fit for the population she works with.

The goal of The Shani Project, which Shani founded, is to create a “safe place” for POC to “own it”.

Posted on the influencer’s TikTok channel is a reminder that “TikTok is not therapy”. It is, however, a good place to learn and find additional resources.


Each of these TikTok mental health influencers offers a different, yet valuable approach to dealing with mental illness.

Still, most experts would agree that seeking counseling in person is even better. The best person to talk to would be a local therapist or addiction counselor who knows the community.

Source: MM+M| Photo Credit: The Atlantic

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