Sephora Squads 2022 Skincare and Beauty Influencer Program Winners

Sephora Squad’s 2022 Skincare and Beauty Influencer Program Winners | IKONTUBE Blog

On June 14, winners of the 2022 Sephora’s beauty influencer program were announced. The #SephoraSquad program was created in 2019 with two goals in mind. Firstly, the beauty brand wanted to work with influencers with followers who normally wouldn’t be interested in its products. Secondly, allowing the influencers to work with such a huge brand would help increase their audience.

What Winners Can Expect

The Squad website lays out the application and selection processes in detail. The beauty and skincare influencers who are selected will enter into a one-year, paid partnership with the brand. During this time, winners will get to spartake in exciting campaigns and marketing initiatives via the Fohr ambassador marketing platform

Another perk for selected influencers is early access to high-profile launches and getting to try product hauls from beauty brands. There is also peer and professional coaching involved. While the #SephoraSquad partners are encouraged to share their ideas, resources and training are still available

2022 Beauty Influencer Winners & Launch Partners

There were over 9,000 applicants this year across various social media platforms, and from those applicants, 70 were selected. Senior vice president of Sephora’s integrated marketing and branding Abigail Jacobs explained what the program was looking for. #SephoraSquad partners aren’t necessarily “the biggest influencers”, but ones “with a unique perspective”. She goes on to emphasize the importance of having “a diversity of voices”.

Here are some of the “unique voices” selected to be part of the Squad this year:

Edward Zo is trying to tear down stereotypes many men in the West have about male skincare, fashion, grooming, etc… He’s going on 2 million TikTok followers and 700,000+ Instagram followers. In addition to being part of the #SephoraSquad, Zo also promises that “music is coming soon”.

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EDWARD永ZO (@edwardzo) • Instagram photos and videos

Stephania is a Hispanic TikTok creator and beauty influencer in the disabled community. She models and creates content in both English and Spanish for her 1,024,000 followers. Steffi’s resume also includes being an Aerie Ambassador.

Right on her IG page, Laura Hill posts the motto “Aging the way I want – Loving who I am today”. Her videos and beauty guides are inspiring to anyone who has concerns about aging and body image.  Laura’s community might be smaller, but she still has that “unique voice” that the Sephora Squad looks for.

As a black woman with albinism, Iyana wants to encourage women and girls who look like her to love themselves. She creates beauty and fashion videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. One of her current projects is a video series about her ongoing “natural hair growth” challenge.

Sephora’s Beauty Influencer Squad is Growing

Once again, there were 70 individuals chosen for the #SephoraSquad project, and some will even be involved in product launches. Last year’s beauty influencers saw their follower count grow by approximately 32%. This year, the number of applications submitted was up by 40%.


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