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Mavrck Partnering With TikTok | IKONTUBE Blog

Mavrck is a well-known influencer marketing platform that focuses on enterprise consumer brands. It was announced on June 29, 2022, that the platform is officially partnering with TikTok.

 Now, Mavrck directly integrates with the Creator Marketplace, which enables them to find measure creators at a scale.  As a result, enterprise marketers can track creators’ performance and integrate them into their holistic program.

About Mavrck

First founded in 2014, the platform was made for advanced and all-in-one influencer marketing. Since then, Mavrck has been recognized by various organizations for its superior offering to retail enterprises. For instance, it has been named the #1 influencer marketing platform on G2.

Businesses choose Mavrck for a variety of reasons, and not just for finding influencers. First, the platform helps them to find referrers, advocates, and loyalists to create essential content. Second, the “self-service influencer manager” tool helps marketers form a better approach to influencer marketing. Also, this  approach can also be automated.

Why Marketers Use TikTok

TikTok has been one of the growing social media networks over the past year. The estimated number of monthly users has surpassed 1 billion. In the US specifically, the number of unique mobile visitors is increasing every single month.

However, its main appeal to marketers is the 92% of global users taking action after watching a video. Additionally, the engagement on the app is much higher than that of other social media. Brands have certainly taken notice.

About the Partnership

Mavrck’s CEO and Co-Founder Lyle Stevens has commented on the partnership. “We think TikTok will own brand marketing dollars” over the “next five years”. Stevens further goes on to say that Mavrck is “looking forward to partnering with TikTok”. Moreover, he hopes to “build an ecosystem of trust” to serve the interests of both parties.

The API integration brings useful first-party data right to the marketer. Subsequently, marketers will be able to find creators that meet their criteria. The results are measured accordingly.

Creators and Influencers Benefit

Similarly for the creators, there are extra alternatives to associate with the right manufacturers. Creators must specifically develop content that will help them connect more with their audience. And now, with Mavrck, it is easier to find the right marketer to achieve that.

Meanwhile, the Mavrck / TikTok partnership provides more opportunities for monetization.

TikTok’s Head of Artistic Partnership, Jyri Kidwell, concludes with an important statement. “We pleasure ourselves in working with enterprise-main companies” such as Mavrck.

The platform, in conclusion, is designed to “perceives the wants” of all parties.

Source: BENZINGA | Photo Credit: TIRBE

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