Influencer Bree Lenehan Exposes Photo Editing Apps

Influencer Bree Lenehan Exposes Photo Editing Apps | IKONTUBE Blog

As an advocate for “self love”, influencer Bree Lenehan uses IG to expose editing tricks. Specifically, on July 7, she did that in a viral post. Lenehan created a video to show that images can be very deceiving. Bree claims that it took just “1 minute to download this app”. Moreover, it took “less than 1 minute” to do the editing.

Who is Bree Lenehan?

This 25-year old, Aussie fitness and healthy lifestyle influencer has a huge following. On Instagram, for instance, she has 657,000 followers. Meanwhile, on TikTok, Bree has over 414,000 followers, with 13.9 million likes overall.

How does she describe herself? First, in her own words, Lenehan refers to herself as “your Aussie internet BFF for health”. Also, self love and positivity are integral to her message.

In addition, Lenehan is the creator of Sweat Roulette Card Game, and subsequently does her share of helping the environment. Truly, for every deck sold, $1 is donated to OneTreePlanted. Another project she is involved in is the @macro0mike mug cakes. In brief, she is the co-creator.

Consequences of Photo Manipulation

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for online stars to make their bodies appear a certain way. They use editing tools and tricks to make every part of their body look different. This deception, obviously, is harmful to the influencer industry.

Even worse, experts believe this “illusion” is particularly bad for young people. Unhealthy eating disorders and depression can potentially be triggered as a result of viewing such images.

About Bree Lenehan’s Post

In the clip, the IG influencer can be seen wearing a yellow @loungeunderwear set. She demonstrates how easy it is to edit every part of the body. First, she “removes” stomach fat to make her waistline appear slimmer. She then enhances her bust, “erases” body hair, and so on.

“Anyone with a phone has access” to such editing apps, Lenehan explains. Furthermore, she warns of how unfair it is “to compare yourself” with “someone else’s highlight reel”.  Finally, Bree ends the statement with the reminder that “Your REAL is enough!!!”

Feedback and Responses

Within just 2 days, the post has nearly 38,000 likes. In addition, there are hundreds of comments from other women thanking Bree for exposing the apps.

Also, many supporters are letting her know that the “real her” is “much better”.

Mature women comment that they wish they knew about photo manipulation as teenagers. However, it’s still not too late to educate current teenagers about these editing apps.

Source: Yahoo!

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