Brands Pay Millions to Influencers to Drive Instagram Sales | IKONTUBE Blog

Brands Pay Millions to Influencers to Drive Instagram Sales

Brands Pay Millions to Influencers to Drive Instagram Sales | IKONTUBE Blog

Instagram launched a new online shopping method last June that allows users to buy directly in the app. It made it possible for influencers to earn commission on the products sold by the brands they are promoting.

Now brands are betting on smaller markets or those that are very relevant like, influencers who are micro or nano on the Instagram platform. What does micro or nano mean? An influencer who has 100,000 followers or less.

Business Insider stated some earnings figures of influencers, who have engaged in marketing programs, and they are quite surprising. Commissions of up to 20% of the profit are obtained depending on the brand, of course.

For example, most brands pay a commission of 15%. But can vary from 10% to 20%. Elaluz and Kopari Beauty give 20% commission, Zara 8%, Pat McGrath 16%, Massimo Dutti 13%, Old Navy 10%, and many others.

Although many of the brands have declined to comment on commissions, it appears that this new arrangement between brands and influencers has benefited both sides. One influencer reported making up to 5,000 a month last year.

Sponsored content earns content creators the most, according to Business Insider. Influencers set fees for the content that is sponsored and brands are willing to pay someone who generates results in purchases for their brand.

Source: Yahoo Finance  

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An entrepreneur created a new platform for influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

An Entrepreneur Created A New Platform For Influencers

An entrepreneur created a new platform for influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

It is well known now that influencer marketing is at its biggest hit in recent years. From 2016 to this year 2021, the marketing industry that includes influencers has grown by $12.1 billion. Nothing more or less than 700% in just 5 years. 

But like all good things, it always ends up attracting something bad. Some brands that use influencer marketing offer very little transparency when it comes to “paying”. Well, an influencer with a large number of followers could earn up to $3,000 per post, and another who could have the same number of followers could earn $300. 

Let’s meet Julia Montgomery. Director and founder of Influent, who has set out to promote transparency in terms of compensation and thus create a fairer and more equitable influencer marketing. 

“I loved the process of matching the influencers with the brands that really aligned well with them. I began to realize, however, the longer I did it, the disparities in what influencers were charging ”. Julia says. 

“So that was further magnified when TikTok entered the scene. Because they were so new to the industry and didn’t have the same metrics as Instagram, it was really difficult for brands to know what to offer influencers, and it was difficult for influencers to know that they should be paid. ” 

What Julia did not expect is that sharing tips and advice through her Instagram account, skyrocket her fame and the number of followers. Well, in just a matter of a month it had already reached 100K followers and now it is around 300K which made her a real influencer. 

“If we want to build a fair market for creators, we have to fight for transparency, balance the dynamics of power and make it fair for brands as well as creators” says Julie. Precisely with Influent, she is doing this. 

Source: Forbes

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Meet The Richest & Most Adorable Influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

Meet The Richest & Most Adorable Influencers

Meet The Richest & Most Adorable Influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

With scenes of eating, drinking, or doing fun things, these baby influencers have won the hearts of many viewers. But not only do they give us funny photos, these babies are also accompanied by tips for parents.

We have seen influencers promoting trips, and in this case, parents have chosen to create accounts just for their children and document trips and journeys.

Today, many consider being an influencer a real job. And many earn enough in just one day. Let’s see who are these adorable little babies who, since they were little, have a guaranteed job.

Noah Tavares

 You can find it as @euamonono. Since he was little, he has been present on social media, so Instagram is like his second home. It already has just over 1M followers and is a huge success. This baby earns like €3.444 per post.

Marleigh Scholarship

Beca is known as @theyeetbaby. Between her and her uncle, they have brought us many smiles creating videos of chaos and mischief. This baby is leading the way with Noah, earning the same by post.

Halston Blake Fisher

This 2-year-old baby is sweet but naughty. @halston.blake already has more than 600K followers on his instagram account. Blake has 600K followers and earns €2,191 per post.

Drew Hazel

This baby has one of the most captivating smiles on the internet. No wonder he already has half a million followers. @drewhazeleast could earn €1,831 per post.

Flavia Louise

This baby already has more than 500K followers on Instagram. Which meant @flavinhalouise could earn € 85 per post.


Don’t you think we should reconsider our career? The truth is that these babies have already won the hearts of many, and that is reflected in the number of followers they have!

Source: The Sun

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YouTube Battles TikTok | IKONTUBE Blog

YouTube Battles TikTok

It is known that Neal Mohan, Product Manager at YouTube, went to one of the podcasts on The Verge this week ...

Brands new strategy is live shopping & they need influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

Brands new strategy is live shopping & they need influencers

Brands new strategy is live shopping & they need influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

Since 2019, live shopping has been a trend and has been on the rise. Although in China, this method has been implemented for some time. In North America, it is something new. 

Influencers are now the main players of this strategy as they use their fame to sell more products such as perfumes, makeup, etc., and increase sales by millions for companies. 

The renowned brand Urban Decay has given a deeper meaning to the phrase “see now. buy now” through its first live shopping attempt in October 2019 in the North American market.

Earlier this year, Knix was the first intimates brand to launch with Livescale, using live shopping in its exciting swimwear launch. Hosted by influencer Sarah Nicole Landry, real Knix customers, and Knix founder Joanna Griffiths.

While “live shopping” has been in focus for all online marketers, one of the doubts that have arisen everywhere is who should be the face of live shopping events?  

As director of marketing and communications at a live-shopping startup in North America, I’ve watched the continent’s adopters soar to success — or learn big lessons.

In the end, The main point is that brands should let there be an authentic connection between the host and the audience more than anything else.

Source: TechCrunch

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An Influencer Who Gained Over $700K in 6 Months | IKONTUBE Blog

An Influencer Who Gained Over $700K in 6 Months

An Influencer Who Gained Over $700K in 6 Months | IKONTUBE Blog

An Instagram influencer named JaLisa Vaughn-Jefferson has achieved her success thanks to endorsement deals and working with more than 100 companies so far this year.

When JaLisa started, it was in 2016 and she was only able to collect $50. She had more or less 50,000 followers at that time.

“People will probably almost throw up hearing that now,” says JaLisa. “Back then, no one was willing to talk or share what they charged. So we really all were just making it up.”

“It wasn’t until maybe a year or two ago, people were open with saying if wer’e all going to make it in this industry, especially black women, we’re going to have to help each other because we need to be able to say no. We know that you’re paying our white counterparts this. We will not be skimmed on the other end. A lot of us may be scared to charge what we actually think we’re worth, and sometimes we just don’t know.”

It wasn’t until JaLisa enlisted a group of experts to help her with her content that her success skyrocketed.

“They were editing a vlog for me and they heard me in the background saying -I don’t know what to charge this brand. Can somebody help me with this? “

The cool thing was that the video editor who was now part of the JaLisa team was also knowledgeable in influencer marketing, so he was able to guide JaLisa on how she should charge her posts.

“Unlike a lot of influencers, I want to hire a team so that I can move faster. I didn‘t want to spend all my time trying to sit down and learn every trade of this business. And I really believe that’s kind of what helped me move a lot quicker. I was always open to having a team”.

JaLisa has served as inspiration for many. And brands like Weight Watchers, Reebok, and others, have put their eye on it.

Source: Entrepreneur

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Why Influencers Are The Best Option For Travel Marketing | IKONTUBE Blog

Why Influencers Are The Best Option For Travel Marketing

Why Influencers Are The Best Option For Travel Marketing | IKONTUBE Blog

One way to enjoy different cities, towns, seas, and landscapes is through influencers.

When the COVID-19 health crisis began, audience behavior has changed dramatically. The consumption of online videos went from 1 hour to 4 hours a day in 2020. This change has stagnated here. Due to a survey, we can know that the viewer plans to continue consuming this type of visualization in the future.

Travel agencies and brands have this new “tool” that they can take advantage of it effectively and powerfully. Almost like a second chance to make a good impression. Video is a strong medium to reach more audiences.

63% of consumers today interact with the content of travel influencers, more than before the pandemic. 2 out of 3 prefer paid content from creators over traditional advertising.

A good marketing strategy, including successful influencers, makes your product reach more highly engaged audiences. An increase in profits has been observed in different brands and retailers, whose advertising campaigns used influencer marketing. What is expected is that the same approach will become standard in travel advertising in the coming years.

Travel marketing is at its rightful moment of “rebirth” The consumer has changed during these difficult times that we have been through since 2019. Embracing digital video and using influencer marketing ensures that a brand can communicate with travelers effectively and adds a new positive vibe to its value proposition.

Source: ADWEEK

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The Most Hated And Loved Influencers On The Internet | IKONTUBE Blog

The most hated and loved influencers on the internet

The Most Hated And Loved Influencers On The Internet | IKONTUBE Blog

Influencers have revolutionized the internet. They have gained success and affection on their social platforms quickly. But there is also the risk of losing that popularity and disappearing at the speed of a click.

INSIDER has interviewed just over 1000 people to get their opinion on 99 influencers in the first 3 months of this year.

The data showed that the more an influencer is known, the more likely the same people who follow him are to find him unpleasant.

Slovak YouTuber David Dobrik, obtained better recognition in the 3 surveys made by INSIDER. But, as Dobrik’s fame grew, the discontent in the people who followed him was also on the rise. This due to certain allegations against a former member of Dobrik’s Vlog Squad.

As well as Logan and Jake, they were positioned among the top 5 most recognized influencers in the survey. But in addition to creating video content and podcasts on YouTube, the brothers have remained in the public eye for moonlighting. And after allegations of breaking and entering, illegal gatherings, and videos about “suicide forests,” Logan Paul has been rebuilding his fame by collecting pokemon cards. Having in his possession, the most expensive in the world.

Among the most favorable are 14-year-old Piper Rockelle who is known for creating challenge videos. There’s also Dr. Mike, a medical YouTuber with nearly 8 million followers.

Others have also become unfavorable for the public so far in 2021. Such is the case of Onision and James Charles.

With Charles, their displeasure was due to an accusation of people who claim that James “sex-text” with them when they were minors. The beauty guru claims that he was misled regarding the ages at that time.

Although fame can come quickly, the dislike of many is too. We assume that the more famous you are, the more exposed you are to the opinion of others.

Source: INSIDER| Photo Credit: New York Post

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The Event Awaited By Content Creators | IKONTUBE Blog

The Event Awaited By Content Creators

The Event Awaited By Content Creators | IKONTUBE Blog

At the event that will take place on September 28 to 30 of this year, some of the most famous influencers, video creators and, brands will share their knowledge about how to turn your videos into sales. 

More than 60 speakers with a high level of knowledge on the subject will attend. The great event organized by VidSummit LLC, where you can learn about audience growth, brand creations, or how to earn being influencers, all for you in one room. 

VidSummit gives you the opportunity to become an expert in the industry. Influencers will share the truth about what they do, something we never see online. Here you will learn how to get followers quickly, create your own brand if you wish, and earn up to millions with your content. 

The event will take place on September 28 to 30 in Los Angeles. Or if you prefer, you can also attend virtually at a cost of $199 or in person for $997. 

You will meet speakers like Daniel Batal, Kristina Smallhorn, Brenda Blanco, Sima Gandhi, Nick Nimmin, Liron Segev, Brian G Johnson, Josh Richards, Luria Petrucci, Kristin Wilson, Tim Schmoyer, and many more! 

Source: VidSummit| Photo Credit: VidSummit

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The grandfluencers debunking aging myths | IKONTUBE Blog

The “Grandfluencers” Debunking Aging Myths

The grandfluencers debunking aging myths | IKONTUBE Blog

Who are the “grandfluencers”? These influencers are 70 plus who have thousands of followers on social media. The grandfluencers are turning their platforms to gold. Recommending many more seniors to be more active and healthier. Sharing diets, exercise routines, and more. 

One case is Joan MacDonald, who was 71 years old and felt terrible. Overweight and on multiple medications, she was dealing with cholesterol, kidney, and blood pressure issues. Thanks to her daughter, who is a fitness coach, and who warned her about the risks of continuing to lead a sedentary life, Joan learned to balance a healthy diet with physical activity. 

Now 75-year-old Joan feels so great that she considers herself younger thanks to her improved health, and has earned more than 1.4 million followers on instagram. 

“It’s very rare to find someone her age who can do all these things,” said one of her 18-year-old followers. “It’s such a positive thing to think about.”

Joan recently partnered with a sportswear brand called Women’s Best. And on top of that, she recently launched its new health and fitness app. 

Just like Joan, many others with their profiles on platforms like TikTok, focus on sharing tips on beauty, culture, style, and even cooking. People 50 and over, mostly use technology to stay in touch with friends or family, but very few use it to influence others on social media. 

However, these grandfluencers break the myth that older people cannot use technology because they do not have the knowledge. Therefore, anyone can learn to do this kind of thing, so you have to lose the fear of getting old. 

“I wanted to expand my world. I felt that I was older, that my world was shrinking. People were moving, people were ill,” Sandra Sallin said. “So I started my blog because I wanted to reach out. After that, I heard about this thing called Instagram. It was really hard learning it. I really stumbled my way in. I’m shocked because most people who follow me are 30 and 40 years younger. But there are people who are older, who have kind of given up and say, ‘You know, I’m going to start wearing lipstick.’”

No matter their age, anyone can share his/her knowledge on social media and gain thousands of followers including our grandparents.

Source: Associated Press| Photo Credit: Instagram 

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TikTok Partners With Creators To Boost Its Platform | IKONTUBE Blog

TikTok Partners With Creators To Boost Its Platform

TikTok Partners With Creators To Boost Its Platform | IKONTUBE Blog

TikTok does not want to be defeated. And it is coming up with a new strategy again, as it has partnered with a new company called Influential to search for new content creators.

TikTok has taken other important platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram by surprise, since its launch in 2016 it has not stopped growing until it has become the most used social media platform.

The idea of this new alliance is that TikTok wants more and more people to create content on its platform. For several months now, we see that TikTok grows as an eCommerce platform, more than a simple social medium for short videos.

On the other hand, the market for influencers has grown considerably as well, now becoming one of the most effective strategies for brands seeking to gain a larger audience.

As brands are moving towards short-form video content more than ever, Influential is providing data, technology, knowledge, and access to the talent of all sizes for the brand’s clients. TikTok is clearly the platform most sought after by brands.

So, this could be a new opportunity for content creators to be better known and gain more followers on the platform.

Source: AdAge| Photo Credit: LATImes

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