Twitter let users to create paid Spaces | IKONTUBE Blog

Twitter lets users create paid Spaces

Twitter let users to create paid Spaces | IKONTUBE Blog

Yes, Twitter has created a new function for paid Spaces (Ticketed Spaces), where content creators can charge for access to their content.

Ticketed spaces were unveiled last May as a new monetization tool. Where the creators can receive up to 80% of the proceeds from the payments of the followers.

Since last Thursday, Twitter announced that some users will already be able to create new paid content for the first time. But for now, they will only be available on the iOS version of Twitter and for a certain limited number of people.

Spaces were announced in December 2020 and launched as a beta a month later for select individuals to test. Like Clubhouse, Twitter’s audio-based Spaces will allow a user to gather with another person or a group of users for live conversations. You’ll see them appear while they’re happening. Once they’ve ended, they will no longer be available publicly on Twitter.

Let’s hope that the company will have it available very soon and within the reach of all users.

Source: The Observatorial| Photo Credit: Twitter

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Dogecoin influencers will host ‘Doge Conference’ | IKONTUBE Blog

Dogecoin influencers will host ‘Doge Conference’

Dogecoin influencers will host ‘Doge Conference’ | IKONTUBE Blog

Dogecoin influencers are organizing the “Doge Conference”, with speakers, artists, and the chance to win a Cybertruck of Tesla IncThe Doge conference will be held from March 31 to April 2, in Las Vegas.

Jenny Q Ta, a Wall Street veteran, and a cryptocurrency expert hopes that the Doge conference will bring the crypto community together.

“Within the cryptocurrency space, Doge is known for having the most helpful and inclusive community, a community we fondly call theFamily Doge” or theArmy Doge. “ Mention Q Ta.

“Other cryptocurrency communities tend to be more exclusive, but the unifying goal of the doge conference is to unite all cryptocurrency communities. Putting aside our differences and recognizing that we are all together in this blockchain universe ”

The movement and success of the “meme coin” gave Dogecoin investors and influencers enthusiasm as they gained a huge following on social media. Among them are Kenneth Moran and Aaron Bowley.

“Our hope is to set an example for other cryptocurrency communities to follow. As many diverse cryptocurrency enthusiasts join and find acceptance at our conference, we hope they will bring the same unifying message and mindset to their respective communities. In this way, we will make the cryptocurrency space a more friendly, receptive, and cooperative place ”

Dogecoin is in full power. In fact, it is known that Dogepalooza will be held in October of this year.

Source: Oicanadian| Photo Credit: LA Times

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This 2021 The MET Gala Bets On Influencers | IKONTUBE

This 2021, the MET gala bets on influencers

This 2021 The MET Gala Bets On Influencers | IKONTUBE

After being canceled last year due to the pandemic, the MET Gala comes with a new date this 2021. This coming September 13, the MET Gala is set to return at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park, NY. In which numerous influencers are included in the guest list.

The MET Gala is considered one of the most important events in the fashion industry. International celebrities are invited to this event to show off their spectacular clothes made by great influential designers.

This year’s event will be sponsored by Instagram and its celebrity co-chairs include Naomi Osaka, Billie Eilish, Timothee Chalamet, and Amanda Gorman. As we well know, social media is part of the entertainment industry today, and it has become one of the most noticeable media.

This time the theme will be “In America: A lexicon of Fashion”. It is heading towards the celebration of American designers and political, social, and cultural events during the pandemic.

Since the event is private, all we know is what the guests will taste, and of course, the red carpet. This year 2021 will be plant-based to promote caring for the planet. In addition, the event will be divided into two parts, where the first will be held this coming September 13. And the second, in May 2022.

Source: Newsweek| Photo Credit: DAZED

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Sophia Roe will introduce her new line in Copenhagen Fashion Week | IKONTUBE Blog

Sophia Roe Introduced Her New Line in Copenhagen Fashion Week

Sophia Roe will introduce her new line in Copenhagen Fashion Week | IKONTUBE Blog

Sophia Roe with more than 400k followers on instagram, with the help of Charlotte Eskildsen, has developed her new line The Garment for this Copenhagen Fashion Week.

After having a digital fashion week last February, this spring-summer 2022 collection has returned to a mostly live format. The guest list will be tighter this season due to the pandemic. We will see an improved urban style in the fashion show in 2022. Most of the shows will be in person this season, but they will also remain in a “hybrid” model. Since some brands stick to digital formats.

This will offer more flexibility to both brands and visitors. At the end of the day, we must adapt to the “new norm”. An interesting fact about this fashion week is that it has prioritized sustainability. By 2023, the brands that comply with ecological standards are the ones that may be chosen to be displayed in their capital.

Source: VOGUE | Photo Credit: Sjuloves

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D'Amelio Family Business | IKONTUBE Blog

The D’Amelio Family Go Further in Business

D'Amelio Family Business | IKONTUBE Blog

This week, Cesar Millan announced that he is partnering with one of the most famous families on TikTok, The D’Amelios to promote his pet safety products. The family has decided, to invest in the Halo company with a small interest, according to the Halo spokesperson. We will see the promotions within the D’Amelios content next week.

One of the ways that people coped with the issue of the global pandemic, was pets. Our little animals give us joy on a day-to-day basis, and during this time, that affection was used even more. Spending on pets was increased, such as training, food, adoptions, security, etc.

That’s why companies like Cesar Millan’s Halo, who make GPS for pets, bet that this attention to pets continues even after the pandemic. In fact, many American families created this “habit” of adopting more pets than having more babies.

Global spending on pets has increased by 94% since 2011, according to data provided by the brand. And it is expected to exceed $10 billion by 2026. Also, sadly, a figure of 10 million puppies are lost each year in the USA. And that’s where Halo does its bit.

Source & Photo Credit: ADWEEK

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YouTube Battles TikTok | IKONTUBE Blog

YouTube Battles TikTok

YouTube Battles TikTok | IKONTUBE Blog

It is known that Neal Mohan, Product Manager at YouTube, went to one of the podcasts on The Verge this week to discuss the steps YouTube is taking to tackle the unstoppable TikTok fever. After its growing avalanche, the Google-owned company wanted to give users a small incentive to use the new “Shorts” tool. Offering them $10,000 a month to upload material to this new platform.

In fact, Shorts is like a kind of TikTok but integrated into YouTube that was launched last year in the month of September. In this new platform, users are allowed to upload short videos, with a maximum duration of 1 minute.

“My responsibility is to help run YouTube. I am responsible for all of our products, everything you use as a viewer, and everything our creators use. I work closely with our partners at Google in terms of solutions for our advertising partners. ” Mohan says.

“My team and I put ourselves in the shoes of today’s creators. That’s where Shorts was born. Unlike 15 years ago, if you were a creator just starting out on YouTube, how would you go about it? And that was the key information about the product or the genes, so to speak, of YouTube Shorts.”

A $100 million fund was created that the same company will use to motivate creators to upload videos on Shorts, and thus be able to compete with TikTok.

Source: The Verge Photo Credit: Vox

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The success of an influencer with a profession | IKONTUBE Blog

The success of an influencer with a profession

The success of an influencer with a profession | IKONTUBE Blog

Winner of several awards in the medical field and opinion leader with more than 400,000 followers on Instagram. Dr. Nina Bal is definitely one of the UK’s most sought-after skincare experts.

Who says that a professional cannot become a good influencer on social media? If you have the knowledge, share it! Dr. Bal says to stay away from the stereotype of Hollywood-style beauty and assures that less is more.

“What I really enjoy is witnessing the internal and external changes of my patients. And be a witness to its positive changes.” She says. “I am also a staunch advocate for women. It fascinates me to be able to empower other women to be the best version of themselves.”

After years of dedication to research, laboratory testing, and development, finally, Dr. Bal has managed to create a new product called Face Sculpt Serum from her same Facial Sculpting line.

In an interview, the doctor was asked why she created her own facial care line. She responds:

“I am a mom with two children. Which means that I am always busy. My skin was already beginning to show signs of living a fast-paced life. I needed a powerful product to help me combat those effects.”

Like many women who are mothers and who work long and tiring hours, it is to be expected that at the end of the day they will no longer have the energy to even implement the facial care routine. And that’s what this all-in-one product is based on.

Source: Forbes | Photo Credit: Facial Sculpting

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A New Application Created to Help Creators | IKONTUBE Blog

A New Application Created to Help Creators

A New Application Created to Help Creators | IKONTUBE Blog

Lindsey Lee Lugrin is a professional model and social media creator who appeared in a Marc Jacobs campaign. Where she received the amount of $1,000.

Of course, Lugrin was fascinated by this. But after seeing her face on internet advertisements, or billboards, she realized that the amount she received was not fair.

Lugrin shared her experience with other influencers who have also created social media advertising for other brands and who in return get unfair pay.

She noticed several uneven salaries, where male creators have earned more than female creators.

In an analysis conducted last year by an influencer marketing platform called Klear, male influencers were found to earn roughly $476 for a single post. While women earn approximately $ 348.

Lugrin decided to change that. So in June, she and Isha Mehra (former data scientist at Facebook), developed an app with a slightly controversial name.

FUC#%! YOU Pay Me is an app where influencers can leave comments, suggestions or reviews on the brands they have collaborated with. The main objective is that influencers receive a more equal amount. Advertising rates and information are shared within the app that is crucial to negotiating sponsored content deals.

“I didn’t want there to be any doubt from the creator side of things who this is for she said.  “The name is an ode to the frustration I experienced myself many times over as a creator.”

FYPM is located in Santa Monica, CA. It is one of several companies that provide transparent information regarding salary for influencers. In addition to FPM, other marketing platforms have joined the cause. Such as Collabstr.

On the other hand, online communities have emerged where female influencers from Ireland or Great Britain share their stories and offer support to each other. They have even started selling courses on how to negotiate better rates.

One of the problems is that most content creators operate without an agent. There is no exact amount as a standard payment for creating a publication for a brand. And deals are generally negotiated through messages or emails.

Creators are actually usually mini-personal businesses that do the work of a media and marketing agency. All in one. They edit, film, promote, etc. So it can be really exhausting work.

Brands usually have a lot of information about the creators. But it is not the same on the other side. The creators have little information about the brands and of course, what they pay.

Lugrin has gained more than 16,000 followers and has begun to make fairer deals with fashion brands and companies. Born in Houston, Lugrin has a master’s degree in finance from the University of Houston.

Becoming an equity analyst. She has created her personal online under the name @msyoungprofessional, posting humor and memes related to being a woman within the business world.

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The state of Texas has seen the good eye in investing in influencers for marketing campaigns | IKONTUBE Blog

The state of Texas has seen the “good eye” in investing in influencers for marketing campaigns

The state of Texas has seen the good eye in investing in influencers for marketing campaigns | IKONTUBE Blog

It has become very common that more companies every day want to invest in social media creators content’ for advertising purposes. And that’s because today, influencers are considered to have more “power” than celebrities themselves.

But a recently found piece of information says that you and I are paying these influencers too (If you live in Texas, of course). That is because Texas is using taxpayer money to fund influencer marketing campaigns to attract more visits to the state.

This is the case with a blogger named Jane Ko. Ko has one of the most popular Instagram accounts in Texas. A taste of Koko. She started about 11 years ago talking about Austin TX. His account has grown considerably to 100,000 followers in no time.

“There are people who might have started following me yesterday, today, or ten years ago. But they come to me because they like what I’m sharing. But also because they trust my judgment” She said. Running an Instagram account this big is full-time and Ko has had to work a lot and visit hundreds of restaurants and brands. Ko is considered one of the Top 18 social media influencers Texas has been paying since 2019.

“I’m so excited to travel all over Texas. And keep working with them” she mentioned. “I’ve been here my entire life. And I love Texas. It is very likely that I will never leave”.

The state of Texas has been using taxpayer money to fund marketing campaigns since 2019. At a total cost of approximately $118,267.40. Being a content creator has become a real job and one of the best paid.

In Ko’s case, Texas has paid her 3 times since 2020. But previously the state has hired 5 more influencers multiple times to promote 2 to 3 campaigns each. Using the popularity of influencers is definitely one of the most effective forms of marketing.

“I think it’s the most profitable way. Just because of the amount of reach it can generate,” she said. “And based on similar platforms like TikTok. It brings it to life, to a destination”.

KUVE requested an interview from the Governor’s office, and in response, a spokesperson for the Tourism Division said:

“Travel Texas partners with social media content creators, often referred to as influencers, to highlight the state as a destination of choice for travelers. Content partnerships with Travel Texas are thoroughly vetted by the experts at our social media agency to ensure they will deliver a return on investment in line with industry standards for successful content views and engagement. Influencer content is an effective way to highlight many different aspects of travel around the state of Texas to highly tailored audiences based on their personal interests, location, age, and more. Currently, Travel Texas works with influencers as part of its larger social media strategy. Influencer partnerships account for a small portion of the overall Travel Texas marketing budget and are utilized in a highly strategic manner.”

Ko made it clear that working with Texas is something she is quite excited about because promoting the state comes naturally to her platform.

Whether it’s things to do in Austin or where to eat. But even going outside of the state, any brand that works with me knows that they’re going to get access to a certain demographic that they might not be able to get access to,” Ko said.

Travel Texas spokesperson says that in 2019, $83 billion spendings had a $169.8 billion impact on the Texas economy.

The investment is recovered and double is earned.

Source: KVUE | Photo Credit: A Taste of Koko 

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This Tech Giant wants to invest millions in creators| IKONTUBE Blog

This Tech Giant wants to invest millions in content creators

This Tech Giant wants to invest millions in creators| IKONTUBE Blog

On Wednesday, July 14, the CEO of Facebook gave a great announcement that for many content creators, is excellent news!

Mark Zuckerberg plans to invest millions of dollars in content creators on Instagram and Facebook. The reason? Compete with TikTok. This new Chinese app has the other content apps trembling with fear.

“We want to build the best platforms for millions of creators to earn a living. So, we are creating new programs to invest more than $1 billion to compensate creators for the great content they create on Facebook and Instagram through 2022”. Mention Zuckerberg.

“Investing in creators is not new to us. But I am excited to expand this work overtime. I will give more details soon”. He added.

In the beginning, This will be an invitation-based program. It is expected that by the end of 2021 a portal will be created where creators will be able to track their own earnings on both social networks.

Users will be paid to use specific tools or functions on the Facebook and Instagram platforms in order to achieve milestones.

TikTok is considered one of the most downloaded apps of all time. To this day, TikTok is known to have been downloaded more than 3 billion times. The move is part of the strategy to keep up with the growth of TikTok.

This application was launched in September 2016. It took only 200 days to develop it, so it makes us think that they had quite clear ideas. Its growth has been just as fast. In February 2017, the social network had a total of 66 million active users. By October 2018, it was already noted that the barrier had been exceeded 130 million users.

Perhaps that is why other social networks like Instagram are so concerned with improving their content

Source: entrepreneur Photo Credit: Facebook

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