Riverdale’s Tiera Skovbye to Launch Jewelry Line with Influencer Platform Krave | IKONTUBE Blog

Riverdale’s Tiera Skovbye to Launch Jewelry Line with Influencer Platform Krave

Riverdale’s Tiera Skovbye to Launch Jewelry Line with Influencer Platform Krave | IKONTUBE Blog

On June 23, 2022, it was announced that actress Tiera Skovbye partnered with Krave. She has been featured in hit CW and NBC shows like Riverdale and Nurses, as well as the film 2 Hearts.

The purpose of this collaboration, according to the announcement, is for the star to launch her exclusive jewelry designs.  Jason Brown of influencer platform Krave stated that it is “truly an honor” to work with Skovbye. While she reiterates that it is the “perfect company” to help her bring her “vision to life”.

About Krave – The Jewelry Design, Manufacturer, and Influencer Program

The platform works as the “backend engine” for celeb and influencer jewelry lines. “By Krave” handles every step from the design process to manufacturing and from the eventual packaging to fulfillment. In the meantime, partners are provided with everything they need to start their jewelry business.

Some influencers choose to sell through the bykrave.com marketplace. However, the company also works as a wholesale provider for other types of clients. Its manufacturing partners, for instance, establish some of the biggest jewelry lines. The pieces are always of the highest quality.

Another benefit of working with By Krave, LLC is that there are usually no costs to the influencer. Furthermore, payments to the celeb are often upfront. The wholesale division also provides clients with white label manufacturing services.

Other Influencers

Some of the current popular influencers selling through Krave include:

This Nashville native has an IG following of over 15,000. She enjoys sharing her “hometown experiences” with people and offers “faith-inspired” jewelry designs.

With her IG and YouTube channel combined,  Strack has around a million followers. She reaches out to women who have a similar love of “all things beauty and fashion”.  

This popular TikTok and Instagram influencer has always wanted to give her followers “the stars”. Now, Melissa is offering them in the form of sparkly earrings.

View this profile on Instagram

MELISSA (@alwaysmeliss) • Instagram photos and videos

Tiera Skovbye’s Decision to Partner with Krave

Now, it’s time for the young actress to get creative with her “inner jewelry designer”. In the press release, Skovbye expresses her appreciation for the “delicate uniqueness” of Krave’s pieces.

With the way the platform is setup, she should find all she needs to create stylish, personalized products. There is also the potential for that revenue stream to be “duplicated each quarter”, explains Jason Brown.

Source: Yahoo| Photo Credit: IMDB

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Sephora Squad’s 2022 Skincare and Beauty Influencer Program Winners | IKONTUBE Blog

Sephora Squads 2022 Skincare and Beauty Influencer Program Winners

Sephora Squad’s 2022 Skincare and Beauty Influencer Program Winners | IKONTUBE Blog

On June 14, winners of the 2022 Sephora’s beauty influencer program were announced. The #SephoraSquad program was created in 2019 with two goals in mind. Firstly, the beauty brand wanted to work with influencers with followers who normally wouldn’t be interested in its products. Secondly, allowing the influencers to work with such a huge brand would help increase their audience.

What Winners Can Expect

The Squad website lays out the application and selection processes in detail. The beauty and skincare influencers who are selected will enter into a one-year, paid partnership with the brand. During this time, winners will get to spartake in exciting campaigns and marketing initiatives via the Fohr ambassador marketing platform

Another perk for selected influencers is early access to high-profile launches and getting to try product hauls from beauty brands. There is also peer and professional coaching involved. While the #SephoraSquad partners are encouraged to share their ideas, resources and training are still available

2022 Beauty Influencer Winners & Launch Partners

There were over 9,000 applicants this year across various social media platforms, and from those applicants, 70 were selected. Senior vice president of Sephora’s integrated marketing and branding Abigail Jacobs explained what the program was looking for. #SephoraSquad partners aren’t necessarily “the biggest influencers”, but ones “with a unique perspective”. She goes on to emphasize the importance of having “a diversity of voices”.

Here are some of the “unique voices” selected to be part of the Squad this year:

Edward Zo is trying to tear down stereotypes many men in the West have about male skincare, fashion, grooming, etc… He’s going on 2 million TikTok followers and 700,000+ Instagram followers. In addition to being part of the #SephoraSquad, Zo also promises that “music is coming soon”.

View this profile on Instagram

EDWARD永ZO (@edwardzo) • Instagram photos and videos

Stephania is a Hispanic TikTok creator and beauty influencer in the disabled community. She models and creates content in both English and Spanish for her 1,024,000 followers. Steffi’s resume also includes being an Aerie Ambassador.

Right on her IG page, Laura Hill posts the motto “Aging the way I want – Loving who I am today”. Her videos and beauty guides are inspiring to anyone who has concerns about aging and body image.  Laura’s community might be smaller, but she still has that “unique voice” that the Sephora Squad looks for.

As a black woman with albinism, Iyana wants to encourage women and girls who look like her to love themselves. She creates beauty and fashion videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. One of her current projects is a video series about her ongoing “natural hair growth” challenge.

Sephora’s Beauty Influencer Squad is Growing

Once again, there were 70 individuals chosen for the #SephoraSquad project, and some will even be involved in product launches. Last year’s beauty influencers saw their follower count grow by approximately 32%. This year, the number of applications submitted was up by 40%.


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Meet Top TikTok Mental Health Influencers - IKONTUBE Blog

Meet Top TikTok Mental Health Influencers

Meet Top TikTok Mental Health Influencers - IKONTUBE Blog

One area of social media that started taking off during the pandemic was the creation of therapy-based content. With the world on lockdown, some people had no choice but to look online for their emotional well-being. TikTok mental health influencers began popping up to utilize the platform for therapy-based content.

Learning about Mental Illness and Addiction

Emotional and psychological problems are important issues.  Mental illness comes in many forms and varies in severity, affecting people in different ways. There can be physical consequences as well. When the mind is not well, the body can suffer.

Unfortunately, many people suffer in silence. Some individuals – particularly teens and young adults – have no idea where to begin.

The good news is that there are many resources, commentary, and content widely available from TikTok therapists. All aspects of mental health and wellbeing are covered in depth. The more we can all learn and understand about mental illness, the better. As a result, we will be able to deal with it both on a personal level and a societal level.

Top TikTok Influencers on Mental Health

Who are some of these social media therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors?

Let’s take a look:

Lindsay Fleming – LPC

As a licensed therapist, Lindsay Fleming creates content focusing on subjects like ADHD, anxiety disorders, and depression. On TikTok alone, she has a community of over 500,000 followers, and even opens up about her own struggles.

In addition to being a content creator, Lindsay is also a keynote speaker, author, and private practice owner. Much of her popularity is owed to her ability to be an “authentic and engaging storyteller”.

Evan the Counselor

One area of mental illness that should NEVER be looked down upon is addiction. Those struggling with addiction, or have loved ones that are, need to know that help is available.

Whether it’s alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling problems, etc…, Evan the Counselor is a top mental health educator on social media. He has a presence on other social media platforms as well. The content explores signs of addiction, trauma therapy VS regular therapy, and lets those struggling know that help is available.

Dr. Julie Smith – Psychologist

In Dr. Smith’s TikToks she does a good job of breaking down the symptoms of mental disorders. She explains things in a way that anyone can understand. For instance, not everyone is aware that anxiety attacks and panic attacks are NOT the same. Dr. Julie Smith goes over the differences in some of her educational videos.  There are also videos about recognizing hidden signs of certain conditions or even relationships that viewers should be aware of.

Shani Tran – LPC Counselor

LPCC Shani T. offers a more culturally inclusive mental health approach. She explains that mainstream psychology “comes from westernized thinking”. These types of resources aren’t the best fit for the population she works with.

The goal of The Shani Project, which Shani founded, is to create a “safe place” for POC to “own it”.

Posted on the influencer’s TikTok channel is a reminder that “TikTok is not therapy”. It is, however, a good place to learn and find additional resources.


Each of these TikTok mental health influencers offers a different, yet valuable approach to dealing with mental illness.

Still, most experts would agree that seeking counseling in person is even better. The best person to talk to would be a local therapist or addiction counselor who knows the community.

Source: MM+M| Photo Credit: The Atlantic

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Famous Influencer Tabitha Brown Launching Fashion Line with Target | IKONTUBE Blog

Famous Influencer Tabitha Brown Launching Fashion Line with Target

Famous Influencer Tabitha Brown Launching Fashion Line with Target | IKONTUBE Blog

Social media phenomenon and Vegan Instagram influencer Tabitha Brown’s dream of launching her own fashion line has come true. In a May 17 press release, Target Corporate announced their official partnership. The project is the progression of an already-existing relationship between Target and Brown, who has been dubbed “America’s Mom”.

She herself also made the announcement on social media. On her Instagram account and TikTok channel, Brown explains that she “designed them” with her followers and supporters “in mind”. Since then, she has been excitedly posting pictures from the collection and giving support to the models she chose.

Tabitha Brown for Target

The first collection of items is set to be launched on June 11 and will be available online as well as in-store in most locations. However, the products will be limited-time-only. Four collections in total are scheduled for over the course of a year.

Through the retailer’s Racial Equity Action and Change (REACH) commitment, Target supports Black creators and Black-owned businesses. Jill Sando is Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer. She describes Tabitha as a “beacon of positivity”. Sando further goes on to explain that “bringing joy to our guests” is at the heart of everything Target does. Therefore, it makes sense to work with such an inspirational Black designer and influencer like Tabitha.

In the Target press release, items for the kitchen and home will also be introduced in the future. Followers can stay updated on social media with #TargetTabCollab.

The Summer Collection

“Colorful, joyful, comfy, and chic”: these are a few of the social media influencer’s own words when describing her upcoming pieces. The apparel will be available for women looking for fun, affordable summer fashion. The clothing items are in all sizes and ranges in price from $10 – $44. The swimwear, sunglasses, earrings, etc: everything will be easy to mix and match, in bright hues and fun patterns.

“America’s Mom” – A Social Media Star’s Inspirational Story

A self-described “small-town girl” who “grew up with big dreams”, Tabitha Brown is finally fulfilling those dreams.

In the ‘90s, she initially went to fashion design school but felt that the timing wasn’t right. Instead, Tabitha put that dream on hold and decided to pursue acting. She explained to her father that she would eventually put out a clothing line after she “became famous”.

Over the years, she has become much more than social media influencer Tabitha Brown. Through acting, co-owning a vegan restaurant, author of inspirational books, and much more, she has established herself as America’s Mom.

With millions of fans across several media platforms, whom she calls her “family”, the 43-year-old Brown really is famous. Now, with her Target collab, Tabitha is keeping her promise to her dad and fulfilling her own dream.

Source: GLAMOUR | Photo Credit: Target

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The Metaverse and Influencer Marketing | IKONTUBE Blog

The Metaverse and Influencer Marketing

The Metaverse and Influencer Marketing | IKONTUBE Blog

The metaverse is the way of the future, and even though it’s still in its infancy, it is still something influencers should be aware of NOW. Augmented reality apps and VR headsets have been around for several years now, and the technology is growing every day. Some companies are already using virtual influencers on social media.

The entertainment industry already has a foot in the “metaverse door”. To promote its “In the Heights” film in 2021, Warner Bros. used the Roblox platform to host a virtual block party, inviting people from around the globe to join in.

Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) has already made it possible for people to enjoy virtual concerts right from their couches, where they might catch a glimpse of celebs and influencers showing off the newest fashion trends.

Zuckerburg once described the metaverse as being “like an embodied internet” – a virtual place where we are all immersed. Everyone will get to be part of the experience, rather than just watching it from a screen.

What this means for both the brands and influencers is that those who get in early will be the ones who have the most opportunity to create the trends.

Traditional influencer marketing campaigns work something like this:

  • A company hires an influencer.
  • The influencer incorporates that company’s message into his/her content
  • The company then hopes for enough sales to bring in a greater ROI.

New World of Opportunity

Things will work differently in the metaverse, but “different” doesn’t have to mean “bad”. There will be a whole new (virtual) world of opportunity for everyone.

A sports influencer, for example, could play sports and invite fans to join in right on the field, while wearing the brand’s logo. It will be a fun opportunity for the audience to actually “be” there as close as possible without actually “physically” being there.

Food influencers could invite followers to be there in the kitchen to get a closer look at their sponsors’ ingredients.

Once again, it’s beneficial for current influencers to at least be aware of the changes and possibilities this future technology may bring in the coming years. It’s especially important to understand that the playing field is likely to be evened out in the metaverse, as it will give small influencers opportunities that they might not have had before.

For now, most consumers still prefer that “community” experience that only human influencers can provide. But that could always change in a world such as the metaverse where literally everyone – “real” or not – appears as a virtual avatar anyway.

Source: TOOLBOX | Photo Credit: Fashion Network

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Student “Influencers” Are on The Rise

Student “Influencers” Are on The Rise

Student “Influencers” Are on The Rise

In the last decades, posters, television advertisements, and other types of advertising were used as marketing and marketing products. 

Currently, influencers are what brands are betting on the most. And it is that the reputation that an influencer earns through the platforms makes most consumers check reviews of any product they want to purchase first. 

Influencers play an important role when it comes to online sales. For example, if your favorite influencer mentions a product, it is more likely that you want to buy it for the simple fact that you like him or her and trust you. 

Students take advantage of the fact that social media is becoming much more accessible to anyone. 

Ariyon Dailey, for example, has been using Instagram since 2012. 

“My first was Instagram,” Dailey says. “So I stayed with the OG. But after that, it was Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and now TikTok.” 

“I always thought I would be one of those people famous for being funny because I like to be silly,” she said. “But once my hair started to draw attention, I got more into it. There are dance tutorials, cooking tutorials, life hacks, and a ton of other content for users.” 

We can come to think that being an influencer is something very fun and simple. But many influencers have assured us that it is actually a real job that requires concentration and time. 

“Balancing school, work, and social media is definitely a challenge because it takes a lot of effort and strategy to tackle all of these things.” 

Source: The Famuan

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How Does Platforms Disruption Affect Influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

How Does Platforms Disruption Affect Influencers

How Does Platforms Disruption Affect Influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

The interruption that occurred with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has cost the founder of these platforms part of his fortune. Affecting the shares of the company falling 4.9% (47.3 billion dollars).

Matt Zuvella who is vice president of marketing at FamePick says: “The Facebook outage in October is nothing new for creators.”

“In the last 12 months, there have been a number of events (the threat of TikTok removal in the US and OnlyFans removing sexual content are two examples) that have had most creators thinking and acting to diversify their audience ”.

“For most creators, a couple of hours or even a full day of interruption does not affect their business.” Zuvella said. “If they have a branding campaign scheduled for the day of the outage, they’ll just post it the next day or move it to another platform and then post it back to their main platform once it’s back online.”

“The real question for creators is not when to diversify their audience, but how to diversify.”

Diversification is like a guarantee that influencers offer their followers to stay in touch. The audience returns when the platform works again. Social media is a central axis for communication. You don’t want to be absent just because you trust Facebook or Twitter.

“Every follower, every email, every phone number is valuable to a creator,” said Zuvella. “Just like investing in new camera or backdrop for filming, creators need to invest in building their core audience across multiple platforms.”

Source: Forbes

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Brands Pay Millions to Influencers to Drive Instagram Sales | IKONTUBE Blog

Brands Pay Millions to Influencers to Drive Instagram Sales

Brands Pay Millions to Influencers to Drive Instagram Sales | IKONTUBE Blog

Instagram launched a new online shopping method last June that allows users to buy directly in the app. It made it possible for influencers to earn commission on the products sold by the brands they are promoting.

Now brands are betting on smaller markets or those that are very relevant like, influencers who are micro or nano on the Instagram platform. What does micro or nano mean? An influencer who has 100,000 followers or less.

Business Insider stated some earnings figures of influencers, who have engaged in marketing programs, and they are quite surprising. Commissions of up to 20% of the profit are obtained depending on the brand, of course.

For example, most brands pay a commission of 15%. But can vary from 10% to 20%. Elaluz and Kopari Beauty give 20% commission, Zara 8%, Pat McGrath 16%, Massimo Dutti 13%, Old Navy 10%, and many others.

Although many of the brands have declined to comment on commissions, it appears that this new arrangement between brands and influencers has benefited both sides. One influencer reported making up to 5,000 a month last year.

Sponsored content earns content creators the most, according to Business Insider. Influencers set fees for the content that is sponsored and brands are willing to pay someone who generates results in purchases for their brand.

Source: Yahoo Finance  

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An entrepreneur created a new platform for influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

An Entrepreneur Created A New Platform For Influencers

An entrepreneur created a new platform for influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

It is well known now that influencer marketing is at its biggest hit in recent years. From 2016 to this year 2021, the marketing industry that includes influencers has grown by $12.1 billion. Nothing more or less than 700% in just 5 years. 

But like all good things, it always ends up attracting something bad. Some brands that use influencer marketing offer very little transparency when it comes to “paying”. Well, an influencer with a large number of followers could earn up to $3,000 per post, and another who could have the same number of followers could earn $300. 

Let’s meet Julia Montgomery. Director and founder of Influent, who has set out to promote transparency in terms of compensation and thus create a fairer and more equitable influencer marketing. 

“I loved the process of matching the influencers with the brands that really aligned well with them. I began to realize, however, the longer I did it, the disparities in what influencers were charging ”. Julia says. 

“So that was further magnified when TikTok entered the scene. Because they were so new to the industry and didn’t have the same metrics as Instagram, it was really difficult for brands to know what to offer influencers, and it was difficult for influencers to know that they should be paid. ” 

What Julia did not expect is that sharing tips and advice through her Instagram account, skyrocket her fame and the number of followers. Well, in just a matter of a month it had already reached 100K followers and now it is around 300K which made her a real influencer. 

“If we want to build a fair market for creators, we have to fight for transparency, balance the dynamics of power and make it fair for brands as well as creators” says Julie. Precisely with Influent, she is doing this. 

Source: Forbes

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Meet The Richest & Most Adorable Influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

Meet The Richest & Most Adorable Influencers

Meet The Richest & Most Adorable Influencers | IKONTUBE Blog

With scenes of eating, drinking, or doing fun things, these baby influencers have won the hearts of many viewers. But not only do they give us funny photos, these babies are also accompanied by tips for parents.

We have seen influencers promoting trips, and in this case, parents have chosen to create accounts just for their children and document trips and journeys.

Today, many consider being an influencer a real job. And many earn enough in just one day. Let’s see who are these adorable little babies who, since they were little, have a guaranteed job.

Noah Tavares

 You can find it as @euamonono. Since he was little, he has been present on social media, so Instagram is like his second home. It already has just over 1M followers and is a huge success. This baby earns like €3.444 per post.

Marleigh Scholarship

Beca is known as @theyeetbaby. Between her and her uncle, they have brought us many smiles creating videos of chaos and mischief. This baby is leading the way with Noah, earning the same by post.

Halston Blake Fisher

This 2-year-old baby is sweet but naughty. @halston.blake already has more than 600K followers on his instagram account. Blake has 600K followers and earns €2,191 per post.

Drew Hazel

This baby has one of the most captivating smiles on the internet. No wonder he already has half a million followers. @drewhazeleast could earn €1,831 per post.

Flavia Louise

This baby already has more than 500K followers on Instagram. Which meant @flavinhalouise could earn € 85 per post.


Don’t you think we should reconsider our career? The truth is that these babies have already won the hearts of many, and that is reflected in the number of followers they have!

Source: The Sun

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